Squid and download limit / throttle

  • HI all,
    I'm using 1.2.3 with proxy server and in the traffic management tab I've set the maximum download size to 20 MB, but my users are free to download more than that. Moreover the bandwith throttle is set to 10 and so users should see their download speed increasing while the download proceed, or at least I get it from the field description:

    Users will gradually have their download speed increased according to this value. 

    Instead when I activate this feature my users have their download speed decreased, while setting it to 0 reports the speed at the maximum level.
    I guess I'm not understanding both this features, can anybody explain me or give an hint?


  • Set all machines' proxy (firefox,IE) to use your proxy and remove port 80. Make a rule 3128 in your lan.


  • So are you telling me that the transparent proxy is not working with the throttle?

  • Check Traffic MGT for that "Throttle"

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