• I have discovered a relatively inexpensive 16 port switch $44.00 that supports vlans.


    Additional features found on the PS2216 include Port Priority, Port Trunking, Port VLAN, and Auto-Negotiation.

    Here is an independent review

    Review Start

    "The VLAN implementation on the PS2216 is port based VLAN.  Basically each port is on it's own VLAN, and Port 1 is the common port (the port which all broadcasts get sent to, no matter which VLAN).  In a typical setup, another switch or hub would be connected to each port to form their own VLAN (and in a way, the switch works as a router in certain functions)."

    This switch allows 15 port based VLANS there is no management interface.  A hub or switch would be used to extend that Ports VLAN to more than 1 pc.

    Here is the portion I am uncertain of
    Since it is port based do you think it will still work with PfSense implementation of 802.1q?

  • Don't think it will work (and with no management inteface I really doubt it). This looks more like a "seperator" where you have an uplink at port1 (to this port all other ports have access) but no traffic is granted between the other ports (like client at port 2 doesn't see other clients at other ports and vice versa). This maybe makes sense for hotelsetups where you want to let out all guests to the internet but want to prevent that guest a tries to access guest b's notebook. To be used with pfSense it's useless as it doesn't support vlan tagging.