Redirect large files to another gateway

  • Hello

    I have setup successfully pfSense 2.0rc3 to load balance traffic on my 3 internet connections (ADSL1 tier2, ADSL2 tier3, SAT tier1 - packet loss or high latency).

    It is working just fine but I now have a new problem problem: SAT ISP (skyDSL via tooway) is blocking large file transfer, through a transparent proxy, in a silly way: if you download a file larger than 4GB, you would only receive the "file size above 4GB" of the file…

    Example : download latest Debian DVD1 ISO (4.4 GB), you would only receive the first 400MB of the file...

    I tried to setup my own transparent proxy, but if I go through the SAT GW: same problem. I noticed, Squid comes with an option to prevent large file downloads.

    I also tried to play with Snort, but at this point, it still is a little bit complicated to redirect to another gateway.

    So my question is:
    Is there any way to redirect large file download (let's say HTTP Content-Lenght > 4GB) to ADSL1 or ADSL2 only?

    By the way, thank you for pfSense efforts.

  • what if you continue the download (aka ftp restart)?

    cheap vpn?

    Check out snort - we got a free tippingpoint low end IPS and it has this feature - it can detect 10/100/500/1000mb file transfers and you can take actions - like block, throttle - i guess if you can master snort you could add a filter to do this? no idea personally but possible definitelyl

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