What CF card did you have good luck with?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have had an ADATA go crazy on me when the power shut down few times. But I think the Kingston ones worked well. I wonder what CF cards do you use with Alix boards or other boards in general that have a high durability and is worthy of a production system?

    Here is a list of what I have access to:
    Canada Computers:



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    I'm using a couple of Transend 4GB 133X cards, no problems so far.
    I see from their documentation that Watchguard are using this card (smaller capacity) in their newer appliances.


  • How long have you had them in production?


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    Not too long, since Beta5 so approx. 6 months.
    I have flashed them multiple times during that period with no trouble. I have to confess that I only bought them because they were cheap!  ;)

    Before that I was using a Sony 2GB 300X card. It's a UDMA card, which is why it has a high speed, but pfSense won't use that so don't worry about speed. It too was very cheap.


  • I've used Transcend 133x cards in lots of devices and have done fine.  (not all of them are pfSense devices, but that's another story.)

    They are MLC based flash, so they do have that lower number of write cycles (compared to SLC flash).  If you're planning on doing something off-the-wall that will cause large numbers of writes you might want to investigate a SLC based CF card.

  • I use Transcend 8GB 300x SLC CompactFlash cards.  I'm pretty sure they'd never give out with a NanoBSD install.  I've had about a dozen of these running in FULL installs for 3+ years now and only just recently had a "failure" (console showed write errors, no actual disruption in service) on my busiest system.  They are pricy though for the size.


    EDIT: Just saw you posted a list of cards you can buy.  With that list, I'd recommend the SanDisk 4GB Ultra II.  I've got one of those at home with a 2GB NanoBSD install and it works fine.  The SanDisk Extreme cards would allow for faster updates to new releases, but they rival the pricing on the SLC card I mentioned.

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