Hardware for a 100Mb line

  • Hello,
    I am look for some advice. I am building out a test system for a client of mines. Here is the network topology.
    One office in LA, one office in NY.
    Both offices have 100Mb internet.
    We have VOIP in both offices.
    LA office has 4 servers, with ftp, and webservers. They have approximately 50 workstations and 40-50 more blade servers.
    NY office has 4 servers, with ftp. They have approximately 50 workstations and 40-50 more blade servers.
    We need to tie the two networks together and maximize the internet 100Mb pipeline.
    I'm not sure if we will implement any other software on the pfsense, but i'd like to be able to if necessary.

    Just looking for some recommendations on hardware. What kind of board, chassis, memory requirements, processor, hd, network cards, etc.

    We are also looking to have it be redundant with 2 power supplies and multiple wan connections for fail over.

    thank you so much for you help!

  • I assume you missed the hardware sizing guidance?

    You're looking at:

    51-200 Mbps - No less than 1.0 GHz CPU

    in other words, just about any server grade platform (which is what you're after if you're talking about redundant PSUs) should do you. I've had good luck in general with Dell hardware and I know there are a few threads on the subject here.

  • Seems to me you could connect the two offices together with an ISP using Metro Ethernet, that is a layer two connection , and you could make it a /30 point to point. And then keep what you got that would keep the latency low for your VoIP.

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