How to config mpd.conf with dual WAN (double pppoe)?

  • this is mdp.cong with one wan .

    	new -i ng0 pppoe pppoe
    	set iface route default
    	set iface disable on-demand
    	set iface idle 0
    	set iface up-script /usr/local/sbin/ppp-linkup
    	set bundle disable multilink
    	set bundle authname ""
    	set bundle password "********"
    	set link keep-alive 10 60
    	set link max-redial 0
    	set link no acfcomp protocomp
    	set link disable pap chap
    	set link accept chap
    	set link mtu 1492
    	set ipcp yes vjcomp
    	set ipcp ranges
    	set ipcp enable req-pri-dns
    	set ipcp enable req-sec-dns
    	open iface

    how to config mpd.conf  with double pppoe?

  • Never heard of double pppoe.  That is definitely something that does not work with pfSense currently.

  • I think you're saying you have to run two pppoe connections, which ATM is not part of current gui implementation.  It may be possible just working via ssh though.  I know you can do this with two routers sending the PPPoE, and the load balancing has worked for me