Specific bandwidth per user per destination

  • Hi All,

    Would you mind to advice or pfsense can do this? I think it's in freeradius but I can not find radius attribute.

    After login captive portal, every users can go to A.A.A.A network with bandwidth 5Mbps, B.B.B.B network with bandwidth 2Mbps and all the rest is 128kbps.

    Appreciated if you can help.

    Best Regards,


  • Checkout Traffic shaper for this. Squid can utilize this too.


  • Hi jigpe,

    I'm using pfesense 2.0 but I think it's radius because using have to login captive portal after successful authenticated. They can get this access.

    If we use squid we can  only apply on web traffic.

    Please kindly advise.

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