Networkport sometimes down?

  • Hi,

    I use 2.0-RC3 and sometimes my lan port is not reachable (not pingable). But If I connected via ssh all work how it should (the hole time I connected [testet 3days]. After disconnect ssh, sometimes lan port does not reacte to ping again [2 or 3 time in a hour]. My other (DMZ) port is the hole time reachable.

    Can somebody give me a tip if it is a error in config or a issue with pfsense?


  • Are you using different NIC from different vendors or different chipsets ?
    perhaps you can change the one which makes problems with an other NIC for testing.

    Further you could play a little bit with settings under


  • sorry forget do wrote my hardware setup,


    First I think it is a hardware defekt, but why would it repair by an ssh session?

    I will try if change port for lan to another will help.

    Any tip which option under SYSTEM->ADVANCED has biggest effort for it? I've allready check it with another box all the same. One run 24/7 the other has this small issue …

  • If the hardware of both boxes is the same and the one is working and the other not it could only be a hardware problem of the box itself or perhaps a problem of the switch(port) or another client in the network.

    I do not think it would be helpful to change some setting because you said it works on another box without problems.

    perhaps a port capture could help you to find something out.

  • thank,

    you are right no hardware problem no pfsense bug (puh).

    is a problem with my bridge - sometime the 'switch think' the pf is on the other side :( but the bridge know it better.

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