Apply firewall rules on pfsense 2.0 rc3

  • Hi,

    In first a little history of my pfsense configuration:
    It was a 1.2 pfsense and the configuration files come from this version.

    After a upgrade from 1.2 to 2.0 rc3 where I have a file system problem, and I need to install again 1.2 to upgrade to 2.0 rc3 without put my configuration file. After, I put my old configuration file, It was looking to work grate.
    But, I saw problem when I change my firewall and nat configuration. After changing it, I need to save my configuration, an put it again, and after the pfsense restart, the rules are apply.

    If I change other configuration (Dhcp and Dns) it's work find without reload configuration.

    I don't try to install a pure 2.0 rc3 and configure by hand.

    Any idea about what's append ?



  • try to search about importing 1.2 xml file to 2.0.
    i think it was tackled in one of those posts about international character mismatch or something.
    you have to change character that are used in 1.2 that are not acceptable in 2.0

    you can read one of these:,30956.0.html,39657.0.html

    or you can just type international character in the search box and a lot of info you can get.
    happy reading.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for you answer, I read about that when I try in put back my configuration, and I check for it.

    I don't found any special character.


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