Serial console problems 1.2.3

  • I'm trying to configure the Serial Console on my server running PFSense so that I can access it from another server that I have IPMI on.

    First off the Serial Console wasn't work at all, even when checked enabled in the web management.  I followed some steps in this post,34814.0.html to get it working to a point.  I added the line
    ttyu0 "/usr/libexec/getty/ bootupcli" cos25 off secure
    to my /etc/ttys file because it wasn't in that file at all.

    I think also added /etc/rc.initial before exit 0 in the /etc/rc file.

    These changes at least got the serial console to start working, and it works fine as long as I'm connected to the console while it boots.  But if I disconnect and connect after pfsense has finished booting I get nothing in the console until I press enter then I get the message "No matching processes were found" and it puts me at a shell prompt.  And when this happens if I have a VGA monitor connected the console setup menu pops up over there now (doesn't show anything on the vga output during pfSense boot).  Now I can of course reboot from here, and could probably find the config files to make changes if I looked, but it would be easier if I just had the menu like should be coming up.  Also if I vi a file from this shell it doesn't display correctly, it puts the entire vi output on the last line of the console.

    One other question while I'm asking, is it possible to increase the default baud rate of the serial console?  My server is capable of doing 115200 speed, and I had it set to that in the bios initially, but I have to reconnect at 9600 after pfSense starts booting.  Would rather have it set to the faster speed lol.

  • Just an update, I tried upgrading to 2.0 rc3 just to see if it would fix this problem.

    The problem is different now.  Still happens the same way (if I'm connected during boot I get the menu but if I disconnect and reconnect or connect after boot I don't get the menu).

    But now on 2.0 RC3 pressing Enter gives me "Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh:" and if I press enter then I get nothing and continue to get nothing unless I reboot the box again.

    Also to note, now when this happens it does not put the menu up on the vga like it did in 1.2.3

    One other unrelated thing about 2.0 RC3, I checked the box to password protect the console menu and rebooted, and it didn't password protect the console menu came up without any password prompt in both VGA  (when serial console is disabled) and SSH =/

  • Anyone have a solution for this?

    I really would like to get this working before I go install the servers at a colocation facility this Friday.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On 2.0 RC3 I can enable the serial console, and it works (I get a menu on both) and I can also password protect it and it protects both.

    Not sure what is going on there but at the very least make sure you're using the most current 2.0 snapshots.

    ssh is protected by the password on ssh - it's not a "console" in the way that vga/serial are.

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