Direct Slingbox traffic via Wan2

  • Hey all, I have a slingbox in my network, and I have two incoming internet connections. My slingbox provides better quality under higher upstream rates, naturally, but I'm unable to get all the incoming/outgoing traffic to & from the sling box to travel on the WAN2 interface. I've attempted to set rules exactly the same as the ones I use to make my Mac Pro use the WAN2 interface successfully, but the Slingbox continues to use WAN1 as its primary interface despite my rules.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, I've attached an image of what the rules look like that I've set for the slingbox.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Those rules are quite wrong. You only need one rule:

    pass all from (the ip of that box) to any, gw_opt1

    It must be above any other rule that would match the traffic, too. Try fixing the rule. If that doesn't help, move the rule to the top of the list.

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