2 pfsense + 2 wan

  • hi all need help

    I have 2 pfSense

    I show my network as implemented
    Wan –--------\                           
                              PFSENSE 1     –---------------------  PFSENSE 2 + portalcautive
    Wan 1-–-------/

    as I show in my network pfSense 1 is the updated version 2.0 rc3
    I have the 2 wan

    I have it wan for navigation 80 - 443 - 8080 -

    WAN1 what I have for p2p

    and the help I need is the page I want to spend only www.4shared.com to WAN1 and not the wan

    I have all the ip alias 4shared rule but when I do not work for me
    As passed by the wan


    in spanish

  • on pfsense1

    lan rule
    allow tcp/udp lan_subnet_or_wanted_client * these_web_sites_Alias these_ports_alias + advanced settings gateway1

    Hope that was clear enough

    EDIT: Ofcourse this rule is above default rules

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