Simple prioritization by interface with a single WAN.

  • I apologize if this has been posted many times before, but my googling and searching has turned up nothing.

    I have 3 vLAN interfaces and all I want to do is simply prioritize the interfaces. I do not want to assign a % of the total uplink, I want to just specify that if vLAN 1 has data, it is being sent before vLAN2, who's data is being sent before vLAN3. This way if vLAN 1 & 2 are not moving traffic (as they often will (not?) be outside 9-5), vLAN 3 can use the full connection speed outside of the hours 1 & 2 are used.

    Is there a way to do this? I can't seem to figure it out.

  • So you want to prioritize without policying.

    I don't know how it's done with pfsense

  • I mean just any way to appropriate all the bandwidth to vLAN1/2 when they need it, but allow the other vLANs to use the bandwidth when there is no traffic passing.

  • You should have different subnets for each Vlans, yes?

    If so, simply set 3 queues under the traffic shaper in order of priority and use PRIQ (note, this is only applicable to pfSense 2.0).

    Assign all traffic to or from each Vlan (by specifying the source or destination subnet) into the individual queues using the Vlan's interface tab (for outbound) and the floating tab (for inbound).

    eg.  Setup 3 queues (qVLan1, qVlan2, qVlan3 with priorities of 3, 2, 1 respectively).  Set qVlan3 queue to be the default queue since this is the lowest priority queue anyway.

    Set the default rule under Vlan1 tab to pipe all traffic to qVlan1 queue; The protocol/ destination will be any and the source address will be the subnet of Vlan1.  Go to floating and set the same except that the Protocol/ Source will be any and the destination will be Vlan1's subnet.  Also, ensure that the interface is set to WAN (this will accomodate for inter-vlan routing at higher speeds with other rules)

    Do the same for Vlan2 and Vlan3.

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