• Can someone please point me to documentation on how to add dhcp server options
    The file is /var/etc/dhcpd.conf

    example options cut from dhcpd.conf

    option routers;
            option domain-name-servers;

  • Conf files are overwritten on each boot / config change as everything is generated dynamically from the config.xml so your changes won't have a very long life. However somebody at IRC made it work by disabling DHCP in the webgui, editing the file and calling it from the shell / by hidden XML option at bootup.

  • Thanks for the info Hoba,

    I need the option to set dhcpd server options in my home network and at least one customer site where I intend to replace a software LB and DHCP server and adding some dhcp options like tftp server, pxe stuff etc…

    Would it be possible to add a "manual settings" or the like in the Web GUI so that custom modifications like these could be set in less hacker prone way?  For myself I don't care, but I just can't push this kind of workaround to a customer. It's however perfectly fine to manually edit dhcpd.conf, but there needs to be a consistency....

    ps. The customer is a school, so I do not make any money out of pfsense, I just want to save them a few bucks by replacing commercial software where possible...This is a common need for schools and other non-profit orgs. so adding this to the core would help a lot of people.

  • Sorry, it was right under my eyes. I just looked in the wrong place :-[
    What I was looking for more specifically was the next-server and filename options to do some pxe stuff with either anywhereTS.com or thinstation.org, obviously I can do that right out of the box just by modifying config.xml


    • <dhcpd>- <lan><enable>- <range><from></from>
    • <winsserver>xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx</winsserver>