Pfsense 2.0-rc Nanobsd BTX loader 1.0 very long bootime without serial cable…

  • hey all

    i noticed on the pfsense2.0-rc3 nanobsd, if i have a serial cable connected, from com1 to a pc, then i got no boot delay before the
    BTX loader 1.0 message appears, it takes 1min30sec's till the system is booted up with a connected serial cable.

    without a connected serial cable it takes 3minutes till the system is booted up and if i have no serial cable connected the BTX loader 1.0 takes at least 1minutes or more till it comes on the screen and the the boot process begins…

    i googled around and found out that is an boot0 freebsd8.0 bug

    did someone knows to fix that bug ? or is there any way to skip the boot0 prompt ?

    many thanks

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