Countryblock email test failed - SOLVED.

  • I am using 2.0rc3 - aug11 build and received the following error when trying to send out a test email.

    Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to none:// (Unable to find the socket transport "none" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?) in /usr/local/www/packages/ipblocklist/class.smtp.php on line 122 Mailer Error: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

    I tried the following fix as described below, however it did not work.

    Rogers does not have an SSL email capability, so when looking at the and class.phpmailer.php, I noticed that they were an older version re:2.04. As a solution, I went to sourceforge and got the latest build for PHPmailer re:5.1, copied both files into  /usr/local/www/packages/countryblock, and now the email works fine.

    suggestion: upgrade phpmail files for countryblock package.


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