• Since upgrading to 2.0 RC3 PPTP has gotten funky.  When one person connects that person's connection works great.  Anyone else that connects while they are on, their VPN connection is dead (can't ping or pass any traffic).  If there is only 1 person on at a time, VPN is fine, its only the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc person that has no traffic passing (concurrent connections only, one at a time works fine for many connections).

    LAN is
    LAN DHCP is
    PPTP starts at, only 4 clients at the moment, was 12. (I thought it used to have to be in the DHCP range, but I get no warning and don't want to ruin having one usable VPN path (just yet anyway) to try switching to the DHCP range)

    If I set an IP for a user, that connection also does not work.

    Firewall rules on PPTP VPN are:

        • PPTP clients * * none
    • PPTP clients * * * * none

    When I switch back to the HD with 1.2.3, things are back to normal and work great, even with 4-5 connections at once..

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What is the date of your snapshot? For a while the "PPTP Clients" macro was broken, causing exactly the problem you describe.

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