Traffic shaping/limit at HOME

  • Hi.
    I'm totally new to pfSense. Tried to shape/limit the torrent up-/download max. Failed big time. (the torrent just used all the bandwidth, but I had a Queue that created huge drops…).
    In the shaper, it is possible to set a max % bandwidth to an IP/alias. Tried with 30%. Didnt work. Also tried to create limiter. One for Up, one for down(in/out). Gets easily confused by the in=uploading, out=downloading.. I failed!

    What would be great to do is: Create like 3-4 limits. One for each an IP-address.
    IP1= 10% max bandwidth in/out.
    IP2= 10% max bandwidth in/out.
    IP3= 10% max bandwidth in/out.  <---- Or an Alias for those 3 ip's

    IP4= The rest of the bandtwidth.
    Lets say the providers bandwidth is 10/10 mbit.

    Maybe also torrent limiters/shaping.

    Could any1 provide me with some fair examples on this?

    Should any limiter/shaping be created on the WAN always, or the LAN?

    Thank you :)

  • Wow, post a link to a non-english speaking site in response to an english post.  Nice job…

  • and apparently you have to register on that site….

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