HAVP Antivirus

  • Hello to all,

    Has anyoe been able to get HAVP to work properly in 2.0 RC3? I've tried the program several times and keps giving me the same issue, after a few hours it blocks my connection to the internet. I've tried manyn different configurations and nothing helps, as soon as I remove the program everythinbg is back to normal.

    Any Ideas?

  • i have it running and seems to be ok it. but i new to this system it has being running for 2 weeks
    my setup is

    5 nics
    running a lot of packages squid,squidgaurd, ip block,havp, cron,
    version 2.0 RC3 build aug 18 2011 and i think it is updating again
    any questions or setup i can help with i will try

  • I have the same problem. It seems to be working perfectly and without any errors, test virus sites are detected and blocked and all functions appear to work. I set it up in transparent mode and have not tried the other proxy modes. After a number of hours it completely kills my internet connection. Stopping havp and the proxy and clearing states not fix the problem. I have to reboot my pfsense and my router.

    Any one has any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

    Package list:


    I tried disabling and removing snort and pfblocker but the problem still occurred.

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