Virtual IP Range and NAT

  • I added our additional WAN IP range (in CIDR format) on the virtual IP page. However, when I go to set up a NAT rule, I am unable to select a single IP from this range to be forwarded. Is there any way to do this other than manually adding each individual IP?


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    What type of VIP did you use?

    For CARP, IP Alias, and Other, you must do them individually. Only Proxy ARP actually sets up a range.

  • Proxy ARP. Another interesting thing is that even though I save the VIP as a range ("Network" for "type"), when I go to edit it it shows "single address" as selected.

    See the attached screenshots of my VIP and NAT screens (I'm not actually using a.b.c.d - I'm using a valid range).


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    Is that on 1.2.3? I think there was a bug on there that caused them not to show up individually, but I thought it at least showed a couple of them.

    I know it works for sure on 2.0.

  • That actually brings me to my next question. I just recently set up this router with 1.2.3, as that was the latest official release. Shortly thereafter I saw that the site says the current 2.0 RC is likely the final build. Do I risk anything by upgrading? This is a semi-production environment. Also, will can I load a backup of 1.2.3 into 2.0?

    Thanks (hope it's okay that I'm asking this here instead of starting a new thread)

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    Upgrading to the most recent 2.0 RC snapshot is pretty safe right now. There aren't any known upgrade programs with configurations (aside from some issues with international characters in the raw xml) and it should be OK to use in production.

    We're only a week or two away from a 2.0-RELEASE if we can get a couple kinks ironed out.

    If you want to check your config, there is a Pre-Upgrade Check package you can use, and you can also check the upgrade guide on the doc wiki (check my sig)

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