Does this sound right?

  • Hi.
    I have seem to reach a point whereby I understand the Traffic Shaper / queue's functions. (Atleast I think I do). ;)

    Although with specific data like torrent data, it seems not able to handle it right. It always goes to default queue, no matter firewall settings.

    But when default queue(qP2P(with a realtime max of xx%)) is overloaded, it uses qOthersLow.
    If setting a Realtime max % on qOthersLow too and it gets overloaded, the rest of the data doesnt use another queue, it stops at: qP2P max% + qOthersLow max%.

    Limiters does not seem to work :/ I have tried different settings in a * * * ip-source ip-destination *** firewall rule. Created two limiters, 1 for upload, 1 for download. No up- or download gets affected :/

    Iam using 2.0 newest version. Scenario is: Internet–>Router(with NAT and DHCP+plugnplay enabled)-->pfSense(standard configuration, no proxy, Queues created by the Wizard)-->Client
    Router serves>pfSense(wan) and pfSense(lan) is
    My internet bandwidth is 10mbit/1mbit.

    Traffic Shaper:
    Queue traffic:
    Firewall rules:

    What I would like is to limit a certain client/ip or alias to xx% of total bandwidth up/down.

    Would any1 comment on these statements, help me, correct me and so on, I would appreciate it alot :)
    If someone wants, we can talk over my Teamspeak server or find another voice communication method :)

    Thank you

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