Redirect LAN trafic into 2 different server

  • hi,
    i'm using Pfsense 1.2.3 stable version and trying to redirect traffic between 2 transparent proxy server. The situation is like this, my home network already been install with pfsense and is using NAT to redirect LAN traffic to external transparent proxy server that use port 3128. I have 4 NIC at pfsense 1 for WAN, 1 for LAN, 1 for proxy1 and 1 for proxy2. Pfsense give IP to all client using DHCP and right now i already redirect all the LAN traffic to the proxy1 and it works.The transparent proxy were using static IP.

    Right now, i want to install the second transparent proxy server, the problem is, how can i use pfsense so that each proxy, works at the same time and share traffic between them??…it is possible? ex. i have 20 client using DHCP and how can i make 10 client use proxy1 and another 10 use proxy2 or any other possible ways so that each proxy share the same load since im using a transparent proxy. This is for my university project :)

    thanks in advance


  • if this is not possible,is anyone know that redundancy can be set using pfsense?..1 proxy active and 1 proxy standy…1 proxy fail,the standby will take can i configure it at pfsense 1.2.3..thanks

  • Or there is someone that could suggest me on how to solve this problem?…:)

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