PfSense and Wild Blue

  • I was sure I posted this question last night, but apparently I dreamed that I did…anyway, I was told by a non-tech employee at the campground where I spent the weekend that the Wild Blue satellite internet service won't work with any commercial-grade equipment and the end-user MUST use a "home-user" grade router. I looked on Wild Blue's forums and saw some discussion about the latency of the satellite connection causing DNS queries to time out before a response is received and that certain routers handled this issue better that others. I joined their forum and asked for clarification and got falsely banned for "advertising spam"...go figure; they must have some sort of automated key word filtering in place and am trying to get the account reinstated.

    At any rate, I noticed that the 2.0 RC (not sure about 1.2.3) has a firewall optimization setting for high-latency. Will this setting allow pfSense to work with Wild Blue? I did an site survey of their existing network and found that their private network is shared with their public wi-fi hot spot...definitely a big security risk in addition to allowing an infected machine to propagate nastys to their POS terminals. I pointed that out to them and it didn't sink in and probably won't until they get nailed for exposing confidential customer information, including credit card numbers. They do have an "IT guy" who visits them on an as-needed basis, but I know nothing about this person's qualifications.

    Has anyone had any experience with using pfSense with a satellite connection? I'd like some guidance here to get this place up to speed with a red green blue setup.


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