Vlan and kvm

  • Hello, I am using pfsense in a virtual environment with kvm (proxmox)

            =====PFSENSE pc balancer  (le0 for LAN, WAN for wan1, OPT for wan2) ======LAN

    Pfsense is a virtaul machine that working as a balancer 2 wan. it´s working good

    The problem is: i want to connect with a transparent proxy and i need to create this vm in other subnet. due this, i create another vm with freebsd+squid and i put ip. In pfsense i create a vlan over le0 OPT2 with ip.

    When i ping for one pc to another it is not responding

    ping  since pc with squid dont work
    ping  since pc with pfsense  dont work

    there is not communication.

    anyone can help me

  • In VirtualBox, the virtual environment with which I have some familiarity, it is necessary to establish interconnections between physical interfaces and virtual interfaces.

    I suggest you draw a network diagram including both virtual and physical machines and interfaces. Use the diagram to help you work out how traffic will get from a particular source to a particular destination. In some cases the link will be a piece of wire, in other cases it will be a link you have specified in your virtual environment.

    When I last tried pfSense on VirtualBox (some months ago) I found it didn't work well with the default virtual NIC (an emulation of an AMD NIC). I forget the details; it might have been nothing showed up on a packet trace when there should have been ping transmits. I switched to an emulated Intel NIC and all was well.

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