Quickly - How to use optional interface as WAN?

  • Hello,

    Client of mine has just got a new internet connection. They want to replace the old one. I can't risk loosing my access to the box as it's miles away from me.

    It an Alix box with 3 ports. I have had them to connect the new connection into VR2 which is the optional port and it has picked up IP and all is good. But routing to internet is still done through the old WAN (VR1) NIC port?

    What is the safe way to switch this over to the new port without loosing access?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On 1.2.3 or 2.0?

    On 2.0 it's just a matter of marking the other interface's gateway as the default.

    On 1.2.3 there is no way to make the system itself respect that, but you can set the OPT1 interface gateway on your LAN rules to make the traffic from LAN hosts go that way.

  • Thanks. I noticed that difference in both versions. I decided to play with my chances and quickly change WAN IP which helped. I think the buffer from the time that some action is done on pfSense to the time that it takes effect would help a lot in changes. Maybe a universal buffer time button or APPLY button would be a great feature.

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