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  • Hi.
    I am new to the forum, but i am using pfsense for sometime now for basic setups.
    I would like to implement a new pfsense installation in an ALIX 2d3 that will have load balance between two adsl connections. Also the box will allow for the network to have dhcp for a specific range with lease time 5 hours. i would like to restrict this particular network for browsing only.

    Up to now i managed to create the load balancing between the two adsl connection and it works smoothly. My question is if it is load balancing per destination or per packet.
    regarding the rest of the tasks i got stuck where to look too. any ideas are welcome.

  • For your other questions, it would be best to ask a fresh question for each so that they can be answered appropriately. Trying to answer multiple questions in a single thread tends to lead to confusion.

  • Hi.
    Ok. i will add some other posts for each of the questions.
    Regarding load balance (first question) is it per packet or per destination?

  • Probably per session, though I don't know the internals of the multi-WAN support well enough to be certain.

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