Can we do WAN Acceleration with PFSense ? - Need your comments…..

  • Can I do WAN Optimization (Acceleration)  with PFSense? If Yes link to documentation. If No What is the best open source WAN Acceleration Software?

    Waiting for your knowledgeable ideas….......  :) :) :) :)

  • Looking at the Wikipedia entry it can do much of that. The documentation on what is built in can be found via the pfSense home page. You'll also need to install packages such as Squid.

  • I have read the Wiki. Now I'm thinking about the best solution. Is there any special package to WAN Optimization in pfsense?

  • No, because "WAN Optimization" isn't one thing - it is a number of technologies. Some of those (eg QoS) are built in to pfSense and some (eg Squid) are packages. You need to work out which will help you and then apply those.

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