After invoking the auto upgrade, bandwidthd logs are gone :(

  • Is this by design or has it been overlooked?

    I'm using the latest 2.0 RC3 and invoking the daily upgrades. I did some testing and it appears the whole /user/local/bandwidthd directory is being wiped out and re-created when I do the upgrade.

    The bandwidthd directory is unharmed and works properly on any normal reboot.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are you on a full install or nanobsd?

    That would be up to the package uninstall/reinstall to handle in most cases.

  • I'm using the full install. I've already posted this in the bandwidthd sourceforge forum.

    Can you confirm: When invoking the pfsense auto upgrade, does it trigger a re-installation of the packages?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, when you upgrade the firmware it reinstalls the packages.

    It may not be bandwidthd to blame, but the pfSense package install/uninstall for bandwidthd. I'm not sure who is maintaining that package, but you'd probably have more luck in the packages forum asking specifically about that issue there.

    It really has little to nothing to do with the firmware update other than that the update uninstalls/reinstalls the packages.

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