2 Subnets with same IP

  • Call it stupid but I have a reason to do the following: I want to have 2 LAN interfaces with the same IP range.
    What do I have so far?

    • I have 4 network interfaces (WAN, LAN1, LAN2, LAN3)

    • I have a standard productive network (LAN1)

    • I have a network for wlan guests (LAN2)

    • I have a testing network (LAN3)

    • I am on pfsense 1.2.3

    I want to test the complex productive network on the test network. Most of it are virtual machines (openvz). In order to test on a real environment I would like to have the testing network LAN3 to have the same IP range as the productive network (in order to avoid changing so many IPs and domain names). However I need to be able to access one host in LAN1 to query the VZ images by ssh from LAN3.


    • Can I have 2 nets with the same IP range with pfsense?

    • How do I forward the ssh requests from LAN3 to LAN1 with same IP range?

    Any help is welcomed.

  • No - you can't have 2 interfaces with the same IP range unless you've bridged them.

  • And if I bridge the 2 networks, I must have distict IPs on the networks, right?

  • Yes, otherwise you're going to have no end of problems.

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