[SOLVED] Multi-WAN: one NAT, one not?

  • Have the following network topology:

    Looking for a way for internet-destined traffic from corporate ( to prefer the 10GbE internet path and NAT via the pf01.jls instance unless the inter-pf 100Mbps fibre link is down, in which case it should use the local 50Gbps wireless path instead.

    Also have a handful of CARP VIPs on pf01.emr that ideally should continue to function even when traffic is preferring the wireless link.

    Running 2.0 RC3

    Possible?  Not entirely sure if pfsense knows what to do with outbound NAT when the two gateways are one RFC1918 and one not.  Not entirely sure I'd know what to do, either ;)


  • I'm having single wan situation so not 100% sure about configs
    But you may try

    1. create route .emr -> .jis
    2. create failover gw group with this route and wireless connection(route tier1 and wireless tier2)
    3. create alias, where you determine webbrowsing traffic
    4. create new rule where you apply this alias and gateway group

    Try and let us else to know.

  • i'll be damned, it just "worked". :)

    thanks guys

  • Edit first post subject with [SOLVED], if you don't encounter any further problems with this setup

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