Remote IP-KVM wonky… Works local but not remote...

  • I have two Supermicro 5015A-EHF-D525 Atom boxes… each box has two ethernet ports. This machine comes with remote IP-KVM features. The KVM is bonded to the first ethernet port... you assign the KVM/Remote admin an IP address...

    One of the boxes is setup as pfSense (Simple WAN/LAN setup, no DMZ, no VLAN), the other with Asterisk.

    The idea was to PPTP into the network and be able to remotely control these two machine via KVM. After initially setting it, I ran into the obvious issue that Port 0 was the WAN and Port 1 was the LAN. Since KVM is bonded to Port 0, I had to switch the wires around and re-assign the WAN/LAN ports in pfSense... otherwise, the KVM would listening on the WAN side.

    I setup a PPTP user, and create a firewall rule of all '*'s / any' for the PPTP connection. Basically wide open.

    Remotely via PPTP I can access machines inside the network (eg. web, VNC, etc...)

    If I sit on a computer hooked up to the LAN... I can remotely control the KVM on both machines.
    If I PPTP into the network from remote, I can only control the KVM on the Asterisk box... Not the KVM on the firewall.

    While I am PPTPed in, I can not ping the KVM on the firewall, but I can ping the Asterisk (and others)
    On the LAN, I can ping both.

    Looking at the network settings, I see no difference between the two KVM settings (besides the different host IPs).

    On a computer level, there are different MAC addresses for the OS viable Ethernet port and the KVM Ethernet port (even though they share the same physical connector.

    Does anyone have an idea of what might be going on here?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • I am still having this issue… just in case anyone cares, my previous post was using PPTP... I have since used OpenVPN connection and I am having the same results.

    Any suggestions? Not sure if this is hardware, installation or config/rules...


  • Is there some setup in BIOS like remote access or similar?
    Atleast manual says that there is something like that, but because i have no such device i cant say for sure.

  • There is limited BIOS settings retaining to this. Basically, on/off and IP Address information. Is there something specific you are thinking about?

  • Gateway information in there?

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