Bug - Pfsense restart when applying UPNP

  • Hi,

    I have a mini-tx with 3 onboard giga lan, 1 pci and 2 usb when i went to Services: UPnP select the interfaces i wanted to have UPNP running click change then pfsense restarted is that normal behaviour ?  i was not warned that it would restart so i guess thats a bug.

    I asked on the IRC channel too and they told that it could be a bug and that i should report it in the forum. I am using 2 Linksys usb200m i think they are to blame.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It isn't normal for it to reboot, but there is not enough information to go on.

    There should be a panic message on the console or when it comes back up it should detect a crash report and offer to view or upload it.

    If there is no panic on the console or crash detected, then it's probably the hardware resetting itself for some reason or another, which would be a hardware issue and not a bug.

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