How long should a update take

  • i downloaded the latest update on the aug 20 and as of now it is still saying instaling packages in the back ground
    and most of the packages are not working squid not showing squidgaurd has error hvap not working and
    it has been 24 hrs of the running in the back ground

    is there a way to force a reboot with out doing damage

  • It definitely shouldn't take hours to update. Mine is running off of a slow USB drive and it takes around 15min to download, update and re-install the packages.

  • Mine is doing the same thing; I have been waiting a week and its still saying updating packages with the hard drive image at the top.

  • It is a glitch that hasn't been addressed yet.,40428.0.html  I have also had that problem on the re-syncing of the packages.  What you end up having to do is "clear the package install bit" under backup/restore.  Then manually reinstall each of the packages after recovering your setup without the package information attached in the xml file.

    1. Clear package bit
    2. backup configuration (omitting package info)
    3. reinstall packages

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