Lighting storm - Lost my 2D3

  • Was connected to a fairly new APC unit too.  NOTHING else harmed.  Power supply still works…but no lights.  Nothing on the serial port either.  Smaller AMD Geode chip gets pretty warm...but not sure if this is normal or not.
    Before I proceed, anyone have any comments about tests to perform to verify it's dead?

    So assuming I need a new board, should I stick with a 2D13 or is there anything else out there that I should consider instead?  This is just for the home and the 2D3 was doing fine....I just hate to replace with same hardware if there's something better after these last few years that's been released.

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    Try it with another power brick just to be sure.

    I have another device (not an ALIX) that won't boot all the way with its own power brick if it's plugged into a UPS while the battery is charging. With another one, it's fine.

    Though the ALIX is very forgiving when it comes to power supply. If swapping the power source doesn't help, there isn't much else to do. Contact the vendor and see if they have any suggestions as well.

  • I have a couple of 8 port switches that will lock up solid when plugged to an APC or any UPS and the mains loose power. Everything else on the same UPS will work fine. Even if it's for only a few minutes or less.  The switches need to be cycled to get them going again.
    I swapped them both and keep them for spares.

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