How do I disable DNS Server without removing it.

  • After having no luck getting the DNS server package to do zone transfers, I've moved my DNS off to a remote host.

    I'd like to disable the DNS Server and turn on DNS forwarding wihout removing the package entirely.  Stopping the service doesn't work without stopping the Daemontools service directory watcher as it just restarts it, and in any case I need a solution that will survive a reboot.

    Does anyone know how to disable the service?



  • Use your dhcp settings to share another DNS server

  • Thanks, however this still doesn't allow me to enable DNS forwarder which has the feature of registering the leases with my DNS server.

    I would have thought there was a simple tick box somewhere to enable or disable the feature, or some way to stop the service from loading at startup.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Remove the DNS server package entirely.

    Set pfSense itself to use your internal DNS server.

    Enable the DNS forwarder.

    Let your clients use the DNS forwarder for DNS.

    Anything it doesn't know will go to the upstream DNS server – in this case, your internal DNS server. Otherwise it will be served up locally, which will also get you the DHCP lease registration DNS entries and any overrides you have in the pfSense GUI.

  • Jimp,

    Thanks for the reply.  What you suggest is what I have done and what I was trying to accomplish, however I was looking for a solution that would not require removing the package, just disabling it so that I might bring it back up later without starting over.

    It doesn't appear that this is available so I have removed it.



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