IS it possible?

  • Is it possible to use pfsense on my computer as load balancer (Thru VMware Workstation) and use it for on the same computer?

    WIFI (WAN) 1 –------
                                    >   (pfSense)  LAN Card    ------> ( Internet Explorer/Firefox.. etc)
    WIFI (WAN) 2 --------

    and how will be the setup?   thanks.

  • If you mean that you're having pfsense in same computer as your client(windows) it might be possible but very uncommon and different to setup.
    If you mean that your having pfsense as different box, why not

  • yes on the same computer i installed pfsense on a vmware and i have 2 WAN by using my internal wifi as my 1st  WAN and installed an external wifi as my 2nd WAN now what i want is i want them to be used at the same time so i want to use pfsense to act as my load blancer for the two and my windows OS as my client. How will i configure my pfsense and do i need to put an IP on my browser to connect on my pfsense?

  • You might need to check virtualization category first, load balancing isn't hard to apply. But this kind of virtualization is uncommon at my point of view.

    What wifi nics you have? check hardware support for those
    And this case goes beyond my knowledge and skills

  • i'm using realtek

  • I'm afraid that is not enough, which chip you use etc. Check your hardware and then check that list which url i already post.
    And when using virtuals, hardware is going to change a bit. cause of "virtual machine"

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