Intel PRO/1000 MT High/Low Profile Brackets??

  • I just realized why the ebay price seemed "too good to be true". Picked up a PCI-X dual-port Intel Pro 1000 MT gigabit card but its missing the high/low profile brackets.

    These typiclly are bent around the holes IIRC, not screwed in like many video cards, etc.

    Is there a place I can go to purchase this? I haven't even found a source for generic high/low profile brackets.


  • PCI-X is not as fast as PCI-e.

  • Some cards have brackets with tabs and some have screws. FWIW, all the Intel dual-port cards I have used (PCI-X or PCIe) have had interchangeable brackets. I have swapped brackets between a standard PCI-X and a low-profile PCIe. Some cards come with both standard and low-profile brackets, so maybe you can find someone local who has a spare. Maybe you could buy one if you knew who to call at Intel.

  • I'll make a few calls to resellers and around town. I know PCI-x isn't as fast as pcie but these are cheap and the motherboards I'm running most of my PF boxes on have two or three PCI-x slots.

    The PCI-x is certanly faster than a Linksys WRT54G running dd-wrt :)

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