• Hi all !

    I have a little problem installing and running 02.27 snapshot  (the same problem occur with the 1.01 release) on an old pc (PIII 733 Mhz/256 Mb/ Kingston 256 Mb CF Card using an IDE to CF adapter/VIA 10-100 + D-Link DFE-530TX network interfaces). Here are the steps of my installation:
    1 - boot from CD (liveCD iso)
    2 - install to HDD using the 99 option (no swap partition made during that step)
    3 - reboot: everything is fine
    4 - "vi /etc/platform" in the shell: change "pfsense" to "embedded"
    5- reboot
    6 - during boot i can see a lot of "disk is dirty" messages

    And now i can't change the /etc/platform file anymore using vi cause i am gettin a "read only file-system" message.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks a lot in advance (and sorry for my bad english)

  • Try to use the webgui for editing the file. It will set the filesystesm readwrite for changes. Other options is to run "/etc/rc.conf_mount_rw" from the shell befor editing the file with vi.

  • Thanks for the help !

    So i have edited the /etc/platform file with the GUI and i was able to put the "pfSense" value back. Then i have made a reboot: no more "disk is dirty" messages …

    Then, still using the GUI, i have edited the /etc/platform again and replaced the "pfSense" with "embedded". On next reboot the "disk is dirty" messages went back ...

    Do i miss somthing ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Did you shutdown the system properly though the webgui or shel or did you just power it off? Make sure you have a clean shutdown after changing the file.

    Btw, this operation is not supported  ;)

  • Hi,

    I had a clean shutdown via the "Shutdown" option in the GUI.I guess i have to buy a null-modem cable and use the "embedded" version of pfsense.

    If i don't find a null-modem cable is it possible to modify an embedded source to have the VGA/keyboard input/output then write the image with physdiskwrite as an usual embedded version. With m0n0wall there is a "generic-pc" version: VGA output, keyboard but meant to be installed on CF with physdiskwrite (it works for me).

    But i love the pfsense features and i would like to be able to use it  with my CF card ;)


  • We only offer 2(or 3) Versions:

    • embedded flashimage (due to the wrap bios not supporting a fake VGA and KBD like the soekris we have to strip down support for these devices for these builds)
    • LiveCD
    • HDD-Install (from LiveCD)

    Maybe shutdown the system still in full HDD mode and then mount it in another freebsd to change the platform.

  • Ok, thanks for making it clear to me.

    Last question: if i have a standard PC with a serial port and if i buy a null-modem cable can i use the "embedded" version of pfsense ? (just to be sure before i go and get a cable).


  • Yes, that wil work just fine. Output will be at COM1 (9600 baud, 8, n, 1) as soon as the kernel started loading (Icon stops spining on local Video and will continue spinning at serial terminal).

  • I too have the "disk is dirty" messages during boot on a standard pc with 256 mb CF (platform set to embedded)

    this looks scary but everything's performs OK