How to access a NAS server behind pfsense if I use wifi on livebox ?

  • Hello,

    I'm working on my first professional network project and I'm alone in my enterprise to do that !

    I decided to use pfsense because i quickly studied it in school, but i have a little problem that i can't resolv alone.

    I have this network :

    Livebox with wifi ( all users have an ip adress in this network -> pfsense wan –---- pfsense lan dhcp range for this network (which is used by all computers in my enterprise) start at and end at

    So we have a synology diskstation connected into the local network (ip: and it is accessible by everyone which is connected in the network.

    I will active a captive portal with wifi to solve this problem, but now i cant do it before 6 months... and i need to use the nas.

    So if laptops are connected with wifi onto the livebox, they have a ip adress, so they can't access to the nas (

    I think there is something to do with nat/pat in pfsense, but i'm not sure ...

    A quick picture of this network to help you understand.

    If someone had an idea, i'm listening to it :)
    (sorry for my bad english !)

  • What is your pfsense wan rules?

  • Ok, i'm so bad,this was wan rules. Thanks Metu69salemi.

    There is the solution :

    But now, there is another one !

    Can you tell me if you have any idea to access this nas from internet ? when he was connected directly to livebox, i had to create a dmz, but now this nas is behind pfsense, how can i do that ?


  • Maybe couple of portforwards will do that(not a good solution)

    as an example you.rpu.bli.cip:8081 -> ->

  • Ok, so I gess that I need to do that : you.rpu.bli.cip:8081 -> –-> on livebox, AND that : -> -----> on pfSense ?

  • You got it

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