Exporting 1.2.3 Aliases into 2.0 Install??

  • I noticed the detail field in 2.0 now has in the field… but is it possible to export the xml out of 1.2.3 and into 2.0 RC3? I want to do this because I'm reinstalling with a fresh 64bit install and setting everything up from scratch...all but Aliases.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The 1.2.3 config is changed in many ways on the way to becoming a 2.0 config. The only guaranteed method is to import the entire config into 2.0.

    That said, you could restore the whole config to 2.0, back up the freshly upgraded config, and then copy/paste that aliases section in (or just restore that section).

    If you are lucky, copy/paste of the 1.2.3 aliases section might work. The CDATA bit is not required, it just makes sure that special characters don't break the xml format.

  • I just uploaded a section of the 1.2.3 Aliases and it looked like it upgraded ok, adding in the CDATA part for the detail and descr fields. So.. I'm assuming that it's a success. Or, will I not really know until it's tested by passing traffic?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It may be OK then. You can check the output in /tmp/rules.debug and also Diagnostics > Tables.

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