[Resolved] Check-In of Source files?

  • Dear Community / Admins.

    I have made some changes to ease life a little bit for LDAP authentication with OpenVPN, as well as the OpenVPN export utility.

    I have the files, and I would like to check them in / submit them, so that they can be used by others, and can be included in new snapshots / versions.

    However, I cannot find the right place to do that.

    The changes made were minimal.

    auth.inc: ldap_backed()
    Included logic to query for extended parameters

    Included logic for the optional additional configuration right under authentication containers

    Open VPN Export:

    Added textbox for optional additional configuration file parameters.

    Any help with submitting the files would be appreciated!


  • Nobody knows how to submit code changes?

  • Thank you for your willingness to share your update with the pfSense community.

    I sent you a PM.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Here are the original instructions:
    However since that was written pfSense has moved to github, here: https://github.com/bsdperimeter
    I believe the process remains similar though.


  • Thank you to both of you!

    stephenw10: I have followed the steps you outlined and forked to source. I committed the changes and requested a merge, plus dropped an email to the core team.

    richinspirit: Thank you, too! I have sent you the new files (3 all together) via email!

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