**off the wall** How to view multiple pfSense traffic graphs

  • Slightly off the wall question here, I have several pfSense machines running out there, and multiple monitors on my desktop.  I like to keep the dashboard screens with all the traffic graphs running on one of my monitors, after you've gotten to know the traffic patterns, it can be a great way to catch a problem (for example, I detected a brute force SIP attack just by noticing the traffic graph change on the VoIP interface of the pfSense).

    It would be great to be able to build a web server that can aggregate several traffic graphs from multiple pfSense boxes and display them in one web page.  This sort of coding exercise is over my head, so I'm wondering if anyone else has gone down this road before?

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    I believe Scott is working on something like this. A centralised management tool for many pfSense instances. See: http://twitpic.com/5y24tj
    It's all being kept under wraps at the moment.


    Edit: Or here: http://blog.stefcho.eu/?p=897

  • Cool.  If you guys are in need of data from someone with several dozen pfSense boxes out there, PM me :)

    And by that, I mean if you're looking for someone to beta test….  raises hand  :)

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    Please don't think that I have anything to do with this at all, I don't!  ;)

    If you wanted to get involved it would be best to contact on of the devs directly.  I do remember reading that this was intended for release 'later this summer' and we're running out of summer (in the Northern hemisphere at least!) I also think I read that it was going to be released to support subscription customers only, which would be a shame but understandable. Can't find where I read that now though.  ::)


  • No worries, thanks for the information :)

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