• hi

    is it possible to add a package simillar to updatexlrator to speed up large pakages updates like windows, antiviruses …. updates??

    check this link for information



  • why not use the standard squid package ?

  • hi,  and thanks for the reply

    i am using squid standard package, but i red the link above, it is not a normal caching, it helps ppls updating windows and other frequent applications to get their copies form server hardisk and get "full net work speed ", i think squid is not doing that right?


  • Bump up the filesize and filetypes that squid does cache. If this is enabled it will cache these items too. However a client would have to access the files from the same server that the first client got them from I think.

  • hi again

    in the hardisk cache size i put 30000, memory cache size 256, maxim object size 400.000, enable offline mode checked, others are all defaults. i couldnt see the file type, is that ok what i did?



  • Just test it. The second download of the same file from the same location should be downloaded in a rush.

  • hi

    yes i did try that, my concern is windows update, and since i am using linux on my laptops and destops, i won't be able to know unless a client do a windows update and another one doese the same at a later time. ill find out sooner or later.  :)


  • If you read the website for updatexlrator, in the first paragraph…

    "The Update Accelerator caches files from update sites automatically at the first request. All subsequent downloads of these files from other clients will be processed with LAN speed."

    hadi57, as Hoba stated, squid will work in the same fasion, at the first request of the file, it will be cached, and requests after that will be pulled form cache. squid will work for what you need.

    Also, look into WSUS from Microsoft... Windows Server Update Services, a free download, and it handles windows updates for all computers on your network... downloads, tracks, deploys everything.

    Yet... I'm confused "my concern is windows update, and since i am using linux on my laptops and destops" you want to download / cache windows updates, yet all your machines are linux?

  • hi,

    not my update, it is client's update, i have aprox. 500 clients on 4 diffrent pfboxes. any way if it should work, it will work then.

    many thanks