Install on a remote vmware server with no access to local network

  • I want to install pfsense as a guest on VMWare ESX. It will act as a firewall and VPN server for an internal network composed of other VMWare guests OS. The goal is to offer a local network used by remote users (using VPN).

    If I install pfsense, the basic configuration does not suit my needs:

    • I need to configure a static address for the WAN

    • I need to connect to the web interface, but i don't have direct access to the internal network

    So, is there a solution to set up the static address and start the openssh server (to set an ssh tunnel between my machine and the web interface), using only command line commands from the console ?

    Thank you

  • Interface assignment is done via the console.  Once configured, flush the firewall entirely and then you have access to the webGUI.  From there, you can create a firewall rule to allow yourself for management, create a VPN account and access the webGUI over the VPN or any number of other solutions.

    Alternatively, set up pfSense in another environment, configure it how you want, then migrate the config.xml over to your production environment.

  • Yes, this is what i was looking for: there is a config.xml file i can export. Perfect, thank you.

    BTW, how to "flush" the firewall by command line, just using pf command ?

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