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    Snapshot pfSense-Full-Update-2.0-RC3-i386-20110824-2248.tgz

    when I was setting up traffic wizard, with check-peer networking, I am my connection so slow, even for access to the gui is very slow.
    However when I set up the wizard without checking peer networking, the connection can run smoothly. but had problems in the torrent.
    then I noticed the traffic shaper there qLINK LAN interface and I edited, with 10KB, 10KB upper, and I use it as a queue for the torrent, through L7. traffic into the torrent can not be limite according to plan. problems arise even when I have access to the gui is loading very slow.

    my questions :

    1. whether the traffic shaper queue by the interface can not be edited from% to a Kb?
    2. whether the functionality and usability qLINK on the LAN interface (qLink will when set without checking peer networking wizard). ? and how can I view the log traffic that goes through qLINK.?
    3. thanks.

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