SMTP redirect

  • Im tring to redirect all outbound SMTP traffic to our local mail server.  I used the settings just like the screen shot said and all worked great…. Except that fact that when the mail server tries to send email now, it gets redirected back to itself..  Does anyone know the proper way to set this up?

  • If possible place this server at a seperate nic/subnet and forward to this. As there won't be a redirection rule on this subnet then it will work.

  • The actual setup is more complex than I expained.  There are 5 nics.  T1, Cable modem (using load balancing), and 3 other networks all with their own nic.  The hardware is a 1U IBM Rackmount E-Server.  There is no possible way to add another nic to this server.  Any other sugestions?

  • if you have a vlan switch make a vlan up on one of the nis and put the mail server there

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