What is this? "WAN> IGMP"

  • Getting alot of these…
      blocked                            Source          Dest          Proto   
    Jan 4 16:27:39 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:25:38 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:24:38 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:23:38 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:22:37 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:21:36 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:20:36 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:19:35 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:18:35 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:17:35 WAN IGMP
    Jan 4 16:16:35 WAN IGMP

    etc etc

    getting some of these beeing blocked also and they must be some DHCP thing from my ISP according to dhclient[754]: DHCPREQUEST on xl0 to port 67. But these seem a bit weird to me.

    Jan 4 16:41:15 WAN TCP

    keeps repeating… but maybe it fails to get the correct ip adress for the log cuz sometimes I get the a simmilar one but with a real ip from my isp.

    Jan 4 17:05:43 WAN xxx.xxx.217.179:68 TCP

    Im not very good at this stuff - trying to learn... You guys have any links where I can learn more about reading logs?


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