OpenVpn Export Utility problem after update

  • Hello.

    I Installed OpenVpn and Client Export but after a built upgrade of pfsense clients disappeared at client export.

    Is there any solution for that?

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    The package may not have reinstalled correctly after the upgrade. Try to remove/reinstall the package and see if that helps.

  • I did that but I the problem was not solved.

  • Looks like the OpenVPN Client export utility have been changed quite a bit.  What I would do is remove the package, reboot and reinstall.  If that doesn't work then check the package locks to make sure it's cleared.

    If that doesn't work I know there is a command that lets you remove it manually.  Somebody will chime in.


  • There was an parsing error in openvpn_client_export.php which was fixed one or two days ago.
    I just reinstalled the package and it worked.

    If it doesn't on your system, then go to Diagnostics -> Backup/Restore -> Cleare Package Lock and then reinstall the package like Darkk said.

  • If it changed 2-3 days ago then I will try to do a new upgrade because my last upgrade was about 2 weeks ago. I' ll tell you the result soon. Thanks.

  • I updated - remove pkg - reinstall pkg but nothing. I didn't try backup, clean install and restore yet.

  • Hi,

    for me it is working on 2.0-RC3 (amd64) built on Fri Sep 2 14:29:10 EDT 2011.

    I can see "old" clients and "new" clients. The old ones a created many weeks ago and the "new"ones are created for some days. Sorry that I cannot help you more with this problem :(

  • I SOLVE IT !!!! It was my mistake. The upgrade was not the problem. I used remote access with auth and the company asked me not to use auth but only certificate. So by mistake instead of choose remote access (without auth) I choosed peer to peer !!!! Changing it back to remote access the client export utility works fine again.

    But I wonder why openvpn server worked with peer to peer….  ???

    Finally everything is OK now !

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