New to PFsense - Ban a user

  • Sorry if this sounds like a dumb questions and I'd really like to know the answer to this.  If you feel like replying with RTFM, please add the page number and I will.  We have a frequent flyer(s) on our wifi who is using bittorrent to download copyrighted media and generating complaints from our ISP.  I have their MACs and I want to ban them from our free Wifi.  I know I could give them a reserved address and then create a rule that blocks their outbound traffic but is there another way of doing this?  It just baffles me there isn't a more convenient way of doing this like the options for pass-through captive portal.  Add a MAC and no more captive portal.  Is this something that will be in 2.0 whenever that gets released?

    Thanks in advance

  • "Easiest" method with pfsense.. Hmm

    What if you have had a list of all torrent trackers that you implement as url-table or similar
    and create block rule with tcp/udp to that destination.

    Blocking with MAC-is something, what i haven't seen on pfsense. Can you check if that is supported at your wireless?

  • Perhaps you could use Layer7 filtering and create a rule for blocking bittorrent.


    and then you can chose "bittorrent" as protocol. Didn't use this in the past butr I think you can create a Shaper-Rule which allows/denys bittorrent protocols and then you can put this shaper rule in firewall rules and block bittorrent for all wifi users.

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