Setting up a Dlink Wireless Access Point

  • Hi,

    I have a few questions about the settings on a Dlink DIR-615 router in use as a wireless access point.  I've done all the standard things that I've read on the internet about setting up the router as an access point, ie..turing off DHCP and setting the IP address in your IP range so that it can still be accessed from the browser.  And the access point works great and I've had no issues what so ever.

    My question though, is about some of the individual settings in the router that seem to be applicable when it was actually used as a router.

    There are check boxes for "QoS Engine", "Upload Speed", "UPnP" and "Enable SPI".

    Do I need to keep these boxes checked or does it not make a difference being that the PFsense box handles all of these settings natively.  I just didn't know if having these boxes checked could or would cause some kind of issue down the road.

    As I'm writing this it seems to me that these settings might not matter any more being that I'm not using the WAN port of the Dlink.  I've had no issues with these settings up to this point but I thought I'd see what the masses have to say about these settings.

    Thanks in advance for any answers.


  • Certainly QoS, UPnP and SPI aren't relevant when you're using it as an access point. I suspect the Upload Speed relates to the QoS settings so are also not relevant.

  • When you use a 'home' router as an AP - or put another way - when you are not using the WAN port, it becomes a simple switch with the 4 LAN ports and Wireless bridged together. Most of the configuration settings become of no use.

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